Criminal Database Management System Mini Project in PHP

criminal database management system mini projects

In the Criminal Database Management System mini project in PHP using MySQL, the goal is to manage the criminal data which is to be stored in an organized manner. This mini project involves storing and managing two different types of criminal data. Criminal data and data related to traffic crimes can be stored in our project.

This criminal information is stored by an officer. Admin is the one who is responsible to handle all criminal data.

The criminal management system consists of two main modules namely Admin and User.


In this project, we have only one admin right know. when you click on the admin option on the top menu you will end up seeing this page below.

criminal database management system mini projects

Which asks you Admin Id and Password.  Ok, I know what will be the question you have in your mind right now. What is the Admin Id and Password? Here is the answer, type Admin Id: [email protected] and Password: admin123.

After Logging in using the credentials. you will be taken on to the admin home page. where you can see options like Add Officer, Add Admin and Search Records.

criminal database management system mini projects

Admin has the ability to add officers (police) and he can also add another admin as well. The officer in our project is considered as a user. Admin will add the Officer by entering the officer name, police id, password, etc

The Officer (User) can use these Id and Password to login in the User section.

The Search Record option is used to search for criminal records.  By clicking the option Search Record you will see another page which has two options criminal record and traffic record.

You can search any record, it may be criminal or traffic by just specifying the record id.


After the Admin adds an Officer (user), then this Officer can log in on the User Page.  The user page will be like in the picture below.

criminal database management system mini projects

Enter the Police Id and Password as the admin add and hit the submit button. If the Id and password are correct then you will be seeing a page like this.

In this page, the Officer can add criminal records, traffic records and can search criminal records.