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Library Database Management System Mini Project

library dbms mini project

Here in this post, you will get a simple library database management system mini project. This project is build using PHP and MySQL. In this project, you can perform operations like adding a book to the database, view all books which are added, search for a specific book, issue books, and retrieve the book from users.

To run this project on your system you need to have XAMPP installed on your machine. When you first run this project using XAMPP you will see an admin login page like this.

library login page

To log in, you can use the default username as ‘admin111’ and password as ‘password123’. You can always add another admin after logging into the dashboard. If the username and password are entered correctly as mentioned above you will be redirected to the dashboard.

In the dashboard, you will see all the operations that the admin can perform.

lidrary mini project dashboard

Let’s look at all the operations in detail which are present in the dashboard.

Add Book

add new book to library

You need to type in the book name, give a unique id to the book, enter the book author and publisher name, and the number of book copies to be added. Make sure that the book id you enter is a unique one or else the book will not be added to the database.

Search Books

search book in library database

On the search books page, simply type in the book id or the book name you want to find. And hit the search button. All the book details which match your search query with be displayed in the table.

View Books

On this page, you will find a table that contains all the book details which are present in the database.

Issue Book

Here you can issue books to users. To issue a book, you need to enter the student or user ID, the book id, and the last date to submit the book back to the library.

A user can get only three books from the library. If you try to issue more than three books to a user, it will throw a warning that “user has already taken 3 books”.

Return Book

To retrieve the book back from the user, type in the user or student id, the id of the book which the user has taken, and the date on which he/she returned the book. 

If the user returned the book before the last date of submission, then no fine will be calculated. If the user submitted the book after the last submission date, then the fine amount will be calculated and displayed on the screen.

Add New Admin

You can add a new admin to perform all the operations such as adding, issuing, and retrieving books. 


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That’s it, this is a simple and easy mini-project to develop. This library database management system mini project contains six main modules. You can further add some more modules like user or student login. Where users can see how many books they have borrowed from the library, check the availability of the book in the library, etc.

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