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Payroll Database Management System Mini Project

payroll dbms mini project

This payroll database management system mini project is developed using PHP and MySQL for storing the data. The main objective of this DBMS mini project is to calculate the salaries of all the employees by the manager in a simplified manner. 

In this PHP project, you can add employee details to the database, view all employee details, calculate employee salaries for each month, and view all employee salaries in a particular month. The manager is the only person to perform all the operations on this application.

Let’s see all the modules which are included in this payroll DBMS mini project one by one.

Admin Login and Signup

Here manager is considered as admin. Admin login page is the first page you will see when you run this project. 

If you don’t have any login credentials, just click on the signup link and fill the form and submit. So that your details will be stored in the database. Then you can log in with your credentials.

Add Employee Details

After the successful login of the admin, the admin can now add the employees who are newly joined to the organization. In this, he will fill the details of the employee like name, address, employee id, joined date, the designation of the employee, and salary of the employee.

Only the admin has the authority to add all the employees of the organization and no one will be able to add them.  

View Employee Details

In this section, all the employee details like name, employee id, designation, date of joining, etc will be displayed here. 

Salary Calculation

This is the major part of the project where all the salaries of the employees are calculated. The salaries for all the designations will be predefined in the project. 

To calculate the employee salary you need to enter the employee id, the number of leaves taken, and select the month. The salary will be calculated and will be stored in the database. If the employee had taken only one leave then no salary will be deducted in that month.

All Salary

On this page, we will display the salaries of the employees which are calculated. We will display the salary of the employee by his id. On this page the details will be like this employee id, his basic salary, the number of leaves taken in the particular month, and the salary deducted based on the number of leaves taken in the particular month.

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 These are some simple features included in this mini-project “Payroll DBMS Mini Project”. Feel free to add your own features to this project.

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