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Computer Graphics (CG) Mini Project Topics and Ideas

computer graphics mini project topics

Computer Graphics Mini Project Ideas: In this article, we are going to share some of the ideas and topics to develop CG mini projects. Here is a list of computer graphics mini project topics.

1. Helicopter game

In this mini project, we try to design a game this project will contain a helicopter and obstacles and borders on the top and bottom of the screen. In this CG mini project, a helicopter will be flying over the obstacles that come the way of the helicopter.

So the player who is playing the should fly the helicopter in such a way that it must escape from the obstacles that are coming in the way. If the helicopter comes in contact with any obstacle then the game will be over.

The time of flying will be displayed as a score for this game. This is a simple project. we will define some keyboard functions to have the controls to play the game

2. Sinking Ship

The name itself suggests you that what we are planning and implementing in this project. In this project, there will be a ship traveling in the sea try to make an obstacle in the way of the ship so that when the ship hits the obstacle it should break and shrinking in the water thus, it will become a mini project.

To move the ship in the sea and for the obstacle to come in the way of the ship we are going provide the controls in the keyboard or mouse. When the specific button is pressed the corresponding action will happen in the project.

Try to make some additional effects like night mode and day mode try to place some objects like the sun and moon for the day and night effects respectively.

3. Arrival and departure of the train

In this mini project, the name itself suggests what this project is all about. There will be a railway station and train. In this project, we should implement all the controls like for arriving of the train and to stop the train at the station and to depart from the station.

The train will be arriving at the station when the user presses the control for arriving and we will stop the train when the station arrived and the train will depart from the station.

4. Scientific calculator

Developing a scientific calculator using the OpenGL platform. In this, we must include all the mathematical functions which are there in the scientific calculator which is used to perform some high-level mathematical functions like trigonometric and log and expressions.

In this first, make a basic outline of the calculator for the best fit of all the elements. Then plan what features must be present in the calculator and where exactly they all should come and then implement accordingly.

We will need a small screen to the calculator to display the results, set the screen on the top of the calculator and below the screen add the buttons with the particular values to each button.

Then write the code respectively to each of the buttons so that they perform the action specified to them. The calculator will contain these buttons like numbers, trigonometric functions, log and etc. try to make it look simple and use a good combination of colors to design the calculator so that it will look attractive.

5. Clock

In this project, we are going to design the clock which will show the time of the computer. We seek to make the analog clock style that we can usually see in our homes and try to make the clock look good with a little extra style.

Make a basic design of the clock in the shapes that you want like rectangular or circle or square. In this clock, there will be numbers and 3 needles to show the time. So the needles in the clock should move accordingly to the time as we observe in the wall clocks in our daily lives.

6. Tower of Hanoi

This game is pretty famous and familiar to all of us and we have played this game many times. So implementing this will also be a computer graphics mini project. In this mini project, there will be 3 poles and some rings we should arrange the rings in the same order as in the source pole using the temporary pole. This one of the best computer graphics mini project topic.

While moving the discs from the source to the destination pole using the temporary pole we should remember some rules and follow them. The rules are while we are shifting the discs we should arrange them in such a way that small discs which should always be placed on top of the big discs.

We should not place the big discs on the small discs. And try to implement the game now. This will become a mini project. And define some keyboard functions to have the controls to start and pause this operation.

7. Windmill

In this mini project, we will try to implement the windmill which will be rotating. There will be a supporting house and blades. The blades will be attached to the tower and the blade will be rotating. Try to show the different sides of the windmill like the front side, the back side and sideways.

We will display the menu for rotating the windmill in different sides which are already defined and the controls will be in the mouse and the keyboard by clicking them we will display the windmill in the different directions.

8. Steam engine

The aim of this mini project is to show how the engine is working, the speed of the engine and try to show the engine in the different type of design like shaded, animate and transparent. We will show the rotatory motion of the piston in the engine produced by the heat of the steam. We will provide some options like different speeds of the engine like decrease or increase in speed by providing controls through the keyboard. Like this, we implement the project.

9. Traffic signal

All are familiar with the word traffic signal by seeing this we all get an idea of what we are trying to implement and yes traffic signals implement the design of traffic signal which shows three colored lights RED, ORANGE and GREEN.

And also implement road and few vehicles such that vehicles stop when the RED light is shown, move when GREEN light is shown. add keyboard action controls to show different traffic signals.

10. Solar system

Implement the model of the solar system where there will sun and 8 planets will revolve around the sun as does in the solar system. Implementing the solar system is simple. In this project, there will be the sun in the middle of all the planets and there will 9 planets will revolving around the sun in the different orbits.

11. Aquarium

we are going to develop an aquarium. In this aquarium, we will design some fishes that will be roaming from one side to another side.

Build the aquarium and try to design some fishes with different colors and shapes that will be attractive in the aquarium and try to make it as simple as possible to choose the simple colors and try fit a filter which emits bubbles and light in the aquarium.

Don’t add too much of objects otherwise it will look clumsy and it will spoil the look of the aquarium. In this project, the movements of the fish in different directions and light on and off and the bubble emitting effects will be controlled from the keyboard and mouse.

12. 3D car

Try to design and implement a 3D car. In this project, the operations that we can include are changing the colors of the car and try to add some plants beside the roads and give the effect like those that look like moving backward as the car passes on.

Try to make a day and night vision and in the night vision try to turn on the lights of the car and try to change the directions of the car. Change the color of the car while moving and put a traffic signal on the road and then the car should stop when the red light is on in the signal and depart when it indicates the green light.

The movements of the car in different directions. lights on and off and effects will be controlled from the keyboard and mouse.

13. Simple light

we will design light and it will glow in different colors. Try to design lights in the different patterns and try to glow the light in different colors. These controls will be done through the keyboard and mouse.

14. Racing car

we are going to keep a race between the cars and we will design it like a game. Try and make cars in different designs and in different colors. So that we can easily recognize the different cars and design the game to be played by the two players.

The increasing of speeds and decrease speed of cars will be given by the keyboard controls. For starting the race there will another control from the keyboard.

Like this develop the project with any innovative ideas based on your skills and available resources. And display the result after the game.

This ends our list of computer graphics mini project topics. we hope it was useful.

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