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Web Technology Mini Project Ideas and Topics

web technology mini project ideas

Are you searching for some web-based mini project ideas to develop on your own? Here in this post, you will get some amazing web technology mini-project topics. The best way to learn any technology is to just learn the basics of that technology and start building some simple projects based on that technology. On the go, you will learn that subject very fast.

Web-Based Mini Project Ideas List

Now let’s discuss some of the project ideas in detail.

1.  Online Student Result Management System

The main objective of this project is to provide the examination result to the student in a simplified manner. This is useful for students to manage all their test and exam results in one place. This application tool can be used for displaying results efficiently. 

The system is intended for the students and various privileges are provided to students such as calculation of GPA, result graph to see whether he/she is performing well in all exams or not, to read and download his/her result by providing username and password for secure login. 

The whole online student result management system will be under the control of the administrator. The admin will have full privilege to read, write, and execute the management system.

 2. Online Domain Name Booking

In this project, you can build a simple online shop where users can search for domain names of their choice. If the user searched domain name is available then the user can buy that domain. 

The prices for different domain names like .com, .in, etc should be different. If a domain is brought then that domain should not be listed in search results.

3. Online Hotel Reservation System

The hotel reservation system is used to book rooms in hotels while we are in a new place. Using this system we can book the hotel rooms online by looking at the rooms through pictures that are displayed in the project (website) of different classes available at different costs. 

We can see the rooms of different classes in different hotels and we can book them online. It saves a lot of time and we are not familiar with the new places and so these online hotel booking systems will help a lot.

4. Online Course Management System

In this mini-project, we are going to develop an application to find all the different courses which are available in different institutes. In this mini-project first all the institutes will register into it and upload the available courses in their institute. 

Here the students or anyone can see the registered institutes and the available courses so that they can easily find them and enroll in that course. It will save a lot of time for the students.

5. Online Bike Rental 

In this web-based mini-project, users can rent a bike for a particular time. In this project, users should see all the bike owners near them who are ready to provide their bikes for rent. 

Users can book the bikes online and a large number of bikes of different brands should be included so that the user can choose the bike according to thier budget plans. The user should also have an option to specify the number of days he wants to rent and pay the money using your debit or credit card.

6. Online Job Portal

Nowadays getting a job is very tough because of high competition in the market and to search for jobs is also difficult and also finding the right people for companies is also hard. For this, if we can create a platform where both companies and people can register to the platform so that people who are seeking a job can see the job which is provided by the companies and can apply for them and also the companies can see the credentials of the people who have registered to the system. Like this, we can create a job portal system which will be helpful for both the people and companies.

7. Online Art gallery

The art gallery is a project where we can collaborate with both audience and artists in one place. In this system, we will provide an opportunity for the artists to get registered and display their arts online and the people who are interested in art can see the arts which are uploaded by artists and can buy them.

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