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Simple Village Computer Graphics (CG) Mini Project

simple village cg mini project

A simple village is a mini project in computer graphics which is simple, good looking and useful. We have mainly created some artifacts in this mini project, like a home, sun, clouds, trees, and birds. In the project a house is present in a small village and in the sky couple of clouds will be passing in the sky and there will be few trees from where the set of birds will be flying from and in the house we can turn off the light and turn on the light whenever it is needed and it has got two modes in it day mode and the night mode the above-explained things are attained in the day mode and in the night mode an airplane and the comet will be passing in the night sky. This is an overview of the project.

This project is also a new one that is only available on our site. In this project we have implemented an “simple village” so we have given the title as “SIMPLE VILLAGE” where a small house will be present and around it some trees will be there and in the sky, a couple of clouds will be kept on moving in the sky and the sun will be there.

simple village cg mini project

From the trees some birds will fly towards the sky we have designed a set of birds and we made them fly one set after the other to show the motion of some objects and also we have provided motion for the clouds too.

Inside the house, we can turn on the light and turn off the light by the controls provided in the keyboard. There is a night mode in which there will be the dark sky and comets will be moving and the airplane these two objects will appear when the respective control is pressed on the keyboard and the mouse.


                We have put in place a “SIMPLE VILLAGE” which is a colorful and simple mini project. And this project includes a lot of options in it. We have given you the idea to implement the simple objects as we have used in this project you can also develop simple objects to this project and it will look even better. For the future implementations try to create a road and some vehicles moving in the road and etc.

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